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Best Car Colors to Hide Dirt

These Are the Best Car Colors to Hide Dirt and Other Imperfections

The color of your car plays a big role in how dirt and grime look on the surface of your vehicle. While your car’s color is ultimately a matter of personal preference, some shades can make it more obvious it’s time for a car wash. Here are the best car colors to hide dirt, with tips to keep your car clean and pristine no matter the color.

Going Through The Car Wash

How to Go Through a Car Wash

Automatic car washes offer a convenient and efficient way to keep your vehicle clean and polished. Whether you’ve never been through a car wash or have specific concerns like roof racks, understanding the automatic car wash process can make your experience smooth and stress-free. Here’s what you need to know about how to go through a car wash from start to finish.

Remove Smells From Car

How to Get Smells Out of Your Car: Dealing with Smoke, Mildew, and More

Do you need to know how to get bad smells out of your car? Unpleasant odors can quickly turn any drive into an uncomfortable experience. Whether it’s caused by cigarette smoke, wet upholstery, food spills, or other sources, eliminating bad smells is essential for an enjoyable and fresh driving environment. Today, we’ll explore effective strategies to eliminate stubborn odors from your vehicle. From simple solutions to clean-ups, Take 5 has you covered with practical solutions to help you breathe easy each time you step into your car. So say goodbye to unpleasant orders and hello to a fresh, odor-free car.

Clean Car Seats

How to Clean Car Seats: Making Your Cloth, Leather, or Vinyl Seats Look as Good as New

If you’re like many car owners, you probably devote a good amount of time each month to keeping the outside of your car clean. You take your car to the car wash, and maybe you even get the exterior waxed. But how often do you thoroughly clean your car’s seats? If you’re like many people we meet at Take 5, the answer is probably “rarely” or maybe even “never.” Your seats deserve a regular cleaning. Those comfortable cushions can become the target of crumbs, spilled coffee, and even pet hair. If you’re wondering what’s the best way to clean your car’s interior, including your seats, continue reading. This guide will cover everything you need to know to get started.

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