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The Best Car Oil for Winter: How Cold Weather Affects Oil

Cold temperatures can significantly impact engine oil, affecting your car’s overall performance. Keeping things running smoothly during winter requires preparation. That’s why choosing the right engine oil for winter is essential—so your car is prepared for whatever comes.

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What Does the Oil Light Mean? How to Take Care of Your Vehicle

Eventually, every driver has to deal with an oil warning light. While receiving the message can elevate your anxiety, there’s no reason to panic as long as you take the appropriate action. What does the oil light mean? Well, you should know two types of warning lights: an oil change and an oil pressure light. Several reasons, such as a clogged filter, low oil levels, or faulty sensors, can cause both. Scheduling an oil change is the best way to keep your car running efficiently and deal with the problems those lights represent. Let’s examine what those lights indicate, the main causes, and what you can do when faced with this situation.

How Long Can you Go Without An Oil Change 1

How Long Can You Go Without an Oil Change?

Have you ever wondered how long you can go without an oil change? Most mechanics will say you should change your oil every 3,000 miles. However, this rule is a general guideline, so the exact figure can vary depending on the vehicle, oil type, and driving conditions.

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Synthetic Oil vs. Conventional Oil: What's the Difference?

Oil changes are essential in maintaining your vehicle and protecting your engine. With so many types of motor oil to choose from, it can become challenging for consumers to know what type is best for their vehicles. Fortunately, we’re here to help you understand the differences between the two most common types of motor oil: synthetic oil vs. conventional oil.

Air Filter Change

Engine Air Filter vs. Cabin Air Filter: What's the Difference?

High-quality air is crucial for both your body and your car’s engine. That’s why you’ll find air filters in the engine compartment and the vehicle’s cabin. Learn more about engine air filters vs. cabin air filters and how to care for them here.

8 Tips for Extended Oil Change Intervals

8 Tips for Extended Oil Change Intervals

Your engine oil is vital to keeping your vehicle in top shape. While you must ensure that your oil is well maintained, the timing for getting an oil change may vary. Keep reading to learn how to safely extend oil change intervals without compromising your engine’s health and lifespan.

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How to Keep Your Car’s Interior Clean: 12 Simple Steps

While many people visit the car wash regularly to get their car’s outside sparkling, they often skip cleaning their car’s interior. Maybe they assume no one will see the inside of the car so they can afford to ignore it. Or maybe they figure that spotless seats and a shiny dashboard simply aren’t as important as a streak-free exterior. But learning how to keep your car’s interior clean is a vital part of your vehicle’s maintenance process.

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How Does an Oil Filter Work? A Brief Guide

Check under the hood of your car, and you’ll find numerous electrical and mechanical components critical to the vehicle's performance. Among them is the oil filter, and its purpose is to prevent contaminants and dirt from cycling through the engine, preventing a breakdown. But how does an oil filter work? In this guide from Take 5, we’ll deconstruct the inner workings of this essential automotive component.

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5 Benefits of Changing the Air Filter in Your Car

Although it often gets overlooked, changing the air filter in your car has several benefits. If you want to keep your vehicle up and running, regularly changing your air filter is recommended for optimal results. Neglecting to do so can cause significant damage that is costly to repair.

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Oil Change Time vs Mileage When Should You Get Your Oil Changed?

Every car owner knows they need to get their engine oil changed—the question is: how often? If you’re like many drivers, you’ve probably heard about the standard 3,000-mile rule, which dictates that you should perform an oil change on your vehicle every 3,000 miles. This, however, is an outdated rule. Today, mechanic shops consider other factors when deciding if a car needs an oil change, including engine type, oil type, and the car’s auto company recommendations. This raises an interesting question: should you change your oil based on time intervals or mileage?

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