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How Does an Automatic Car Wash Work

How Does an Automatic Car Wash Work?: A Journey Through the Car Wash

Are you sick of washing your car on your own? It’s a lot of work and probably feels like whenever you turn around, your car’s dirty again. That’s why so many people turn to automatic car washes—all you need to do is show up, and the wash takes care of everything. But how does an automatic car wash work? Are there different types of car washes? Find all of this and more in our article.

Protect Your Car in Winter

7 Ways to Protect Your Car in Winter

Winter roads can do a number on your car. All that snow, ice, salt, and grime sprays up from traffic and your tires onto your vehicle, causing unseen but serious hazards. Other factors, while less serious, can also damage your car's exterior and interior over time. Proper winter car care is more than simply winterizing your vehicle or learning how to protect your car from snow. True winter car care actually maintains vehicle performance—keeping you and your loved ones safer.

DIY Car Wash

5 Ways Commercial Car Washes Are Better for the Environment Than DIY Washes

When your car starts looking dirty and needs a thorough wash, do you ever wonder what's the most eco-friendly way to do it? The truth is, many of us don't think about sustainability when we’re simply trying to clean our cars. However, now that it’s on our minds, it's important to know how car washes affect the environment. We’ll help you figure out if automatic car washes are better for the environment—and what the best option is next time you notice dirt on your car.

Keep Your Car Clean Between Washes

8 Tips on How to Keep Your Car Clean Between Washes

We all love that clean car feeling, but sometimes, keeping it that way can be overwhelming. Let Take 5 Car Wash help relieve some of your concerns about how to keep your car clean between washes with these simple tips.

Washing Car in Rain

Washing Your Car in the Rain: What to Consider

At some point, every vehicle owner deals with the dread of trying to keep a car spotless during the rainy season. With so many conflicting tips and guidelines, washing a car in the rain may seem pointless, especially when Mother Nature makes her presence known. So, should you wash your car in the rain? If not, should you wash it before or after it rains? This helpful guide covers what you need to know about keeping your car clean when the forecast calls for storms.

Car Wash

How Often Should I Wash My Car? Breaking It Down by Season

If you’re like many Americans, your car is a big investment. You want it to last. Whether you purchased a new vehicle, leased a car, or bought a used one, you’re investing time and money. Knowing how often you should wash your car will keep it looking great far into the future. Maintaining your car well requires consistency. You keep up with oil changes, regular checkups, and tire rotations. In the midst of all this, it may slip your mind to regularly wash, wax, and detail your vehicle. Don’t let it! Preserving the exterior of your car is important to maintaining the vehicle, too. Here are some guidelines to follow all year long.

Air Filter Change

Engine Air Filter vs. Cabin Air Filter: What's the Difference?

High-quality air is crucial for both your body and your car’s engine. That’s why you’ll find air filters in the engine compartment and the vehicle’s cabin. Learn more about engine air filters vs. cabin air filters and how to care for them here.

Ceramic Shield Car Wash

Ceramic Wax Car Wash: The Benefits of Paint Protection

Every day, your car is exposed to harsh environmental factors like sunlight, rain, and dirt. Since you depend on your vehicle for transportation and safety, keeping it protected from the constant onslaught of damage caused by exposure to the elements is worth it. To keep it running smoothly and looking its best, you must prioritize caring for your car’s exterior through regular washing. A car wash with ceramic wax is a step above the rest—it provides your vehicle with an extra layer of protection. Here we’ll outline what a ceramic wax car wash is and why it is crucial in protecting your vehicle.

Clean Car With Dogs

How to Keep Your Car Clean with Dogs in the Family

There’s no better image of happiness than a dog sticking its head out the window, its tongue and ears blowing in the wind. But dogs can be a little messy. A great way to keep your car clean with dogs is to use prevention tools like: - Seat covers - Old towels/blankets - Crates - Door protectors But life happens—and those tools aren’t always available. So, keep reading to learn how to keep your car clean with dogs as traveling partners. You’ll see how having a car wash package from Take 5 makes a huge difference, too.


How Often Should Car Air Filters Be Changed? A Brief Guide

Every time you hit the road in your car, it faces an onslaught of airborne contaminants such as dust, dirt, and pollen. The engine air filter serves a vital role in managing these contaminants and keeping your car running smoothly. Like all components, the filter eventually wears out, leaving many car owners to grapple with the question: “How often should I replace my car’s air filter?”

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