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We know oil changes are important — thanks, Dad — so we strive to provide a fast, friendly experience that gets you back on the road, without getting out of your car. While you're here we will change your oil and filter, fill vital fluids, check your tire pressure and make your vehicle — and your dad — happy. Stay in your car while getting an oil change today!


You’ll be in and out in 10 minutes.


You’ll get a free water, tire check, and fluid top off.


You’ll stay in your car the entire time.

Take 5 Oil Change Services

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The Right Oil For Your Car

Our friendly technicians are committed to making the oil selection process simple. After understanding your driving habits and vehicle needs, we’ll provide the perfect fit for you.


Windshield Wiper Replacement

A quick, quality windshield wiper replacement is one of Take 5’s top services and offers. Having properly working windshield wiper blades is essential to ensuring you can clearly see where you are driving during rain, snow and sleet.

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Quick, Quality Car Engine Air Filter Replacement

It’s highly important for any vehicle’s maintenance to avoid a clogged or dirty air filter. The engine air filter stops airborne contaminants such as dust, leaves, and debris from getting sucked into your vehicle's engine.


Coolant & Antifreeze Exchange

Maintaining your vehicle’s coolant (also called antifreeze) levels is essential for optimal engine performance and longevity. Take 5’s coolant exchange service will flush out old, contaminated fluid and replace it with fresh coolant to keep your engine running at its ideal temperature.

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