The Best Ways to Clean Bugs Off of Your Car

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Bug splats are a common side effect of driving, especially in certain areas and during the warmer seasons. Driving at night with your headlights on during the summer months will attract even more bugs to your vehicle.

When these critters collide with your vehicle, they can damage the paint. Luckily, there are ways to get bugs off your car quickly and effectively. Try some of these best ways to get bugs off a car.

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Removing Bugs from the Windshield and Car

The acidic fluids left behind by bugs can harden and cause scratches or dents in your paint if not cleaned off immediately. It’s best to get rid of them as soon as possible to protect your paint job.

You don’t necessarily need to invest in an expensive bug-cleaning product when removing bugs from your windshield and car. Take a look at some everyday household items you might already have handy to remove bugs from your car without damaging the paint:

  • Baby Oil or Shampoo: Mix gentle baby shampoo with vinegar and warm water. Then using a cotton towel or microfiber cloth, apply a slight amount of pressure as you apply the mixture to the bug buildup on your car. Opt for baby oil, or cooking oil or spray for a quick application and wiping job. Apply these directly to your vehicle or a rag and get to work.
  • Glass Cleaner: We wouldn’t recommend using glass cleaner on the body of your vehicle to remove bugs, but it works well for removing bugs from windshields. Apply it to your cloth or the windshield directly.
  • Dryer Sheets: Put warm water in a bucket or spray bottle and wet the affected area. You can then use a dryer sheet to gently buff away the bug stains. Dryer sheets are quite gentle and won’t leave marks or scratches on your paint job, but they may scrape off bugs successfully.
  • WD-40: Another handy bug stain remover that you likely have in one of your cupboards is WD-40. Spray the product directly on the bug-stained area and use a rag or cloth to rub it off, taking the residue with it.

A visit to the car wash is another great option for removing bug grime from your ride. Some car washes include special residue-focused treatments, like the bug prep spray included in all washes at Take 5.

Protection and Prevention Tips

Wondering how to prevent bugs from sticking to the front of your car? Some prevention options include:

  • Protective Cover: If you live in an area notorious for a concentrated bug population, covering the windshield is one of the best ways to prevent bug buildup on your car. A properly sized windshield cover is especially helpful for a vehicle parked outside overnight.
  • Wax Layer: Waxing your car regularly is highly recommended to preserve the clear coating on its paint job. This process helps protect the paint and serves as a bug buildup preventative measure by helping smaller bugs slide off your vehicle. Removing any bug residue that forms on a fresh coat of wax is also a lot easier.
  • Bug Spray: You can invest in various bug barricade sprays, which you spray over the vehicle’s exterior before heading out on a long drive or using an outdoor parking spot. Like a wax coating, bug spray creates a slippery surface that makes it easy for bugs to slide off instead of remaining in place.

Become Bug-Free with Take 5

At Take 5 Car Wash, we understand the importance of keeping your car clean and bug-free, so all wash levels include a bug prep soak. If you’re serious about keeping your ride clean, join our Take 5 Unlimited™ Car Wash Membership and drive through as often as you’d like. Remove those stubborn bug splatters on your car with Take 5’s bug prep soak and car wash!

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