5 Benefits of Changing the Air Filter in Your Car

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Although it often gets overlooked, changing the air filter in your car has several benefits. If you want to keep your vehicle up and running, regularly changing your air filter is recommended for optimal results. Neglecting to do so can cause significant damage that is costly to repair.

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Why Is an Air Filter Important in a Car?

Have you ever wondered why an air filter is important in your car? This part fulfills a similar purpose for your engine as your eyelashes serve for your eyes. When properly installed, an air filter helps protect the engine from potentially harmful dirt, sand, and debris.

But the issues caused by dirty or damaged air filters tend to appear slowly and worsen over time. You might notice a decline in fuel efficiency, resulting in the need to fill up more often. The engine may be less responsive due to a drop in performance.

Why Is It Important to Change Your Air Filter?

Failing to change the air filter in your car causes the component to become clogged, resulting in a decline in its ability to trap debris. Most automotive manufacturers recommend changing the filter at least every 12,000 to 15,000 miles.

The benefits of changing the air filter in your car regularly include the following.

1. Improved Fuel Efficiency

As mentioned, you should change your filter every 12,000 to 15,000 miles. If you don’t do so, those miles will cost you more to drive due to poor fuel efficiency. A clean filter allows the engine to perform better.

2. Better Engine Health

To help your engine last longer, replacing your air filter regularly is a good idea. The debris that clogs up the filter will eventually move into the engine, causing ongoing damage.

3. More Efficient Cooling

During a hot summer, replacing the air filter on time is especially important to keep the air conditioning system running correctly.

4. Fewer Emissions

Although all gas-powered vehicles produce emissions, changing your air filter often can lessen the amount of pollution put into the air by your car. You can feel good about reducing your environmental impact every time you get the air filter swapped out.

5. Enhanced Vehicle Performance

A happy engine results in a happy car, so changing your air filter helps to boost the overall performance of the vehicle’s systems and components.

Get a New Air Filter at Take 5

When you bring your car to Take 5 for an oil change, you can count on the technician to perform a fast and inexpensive air filter replacement service as well. Prolong the life of your engine by finding a Take 5 location near you today!

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