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Your engine oil is vital to keeping your vehicle in top shape. While you must ensure that your oil is well maintained, the timing for getting an oil change may vary.

Keep reading to learn how to safely extend oil change intervals without compromising your engine’s health and lifespan.

8 Tips for Extended Oil Change Intervals

1. Trust Your Owner’s Manual

The number one expert on what your engine needs to perform at its best is your owner’s manual. Know your car’s recommendations for both the type of oil and oil change interval before you take it in for an oil change.

Your owner’s manual will also explain how your car’s internal oil monitoring system works. This system helps gauge your oil life and quality based on your driving habits. It will also tell you what the indicators mean and what oil life percentage your oil should be changed.

2. Know Your Driving Habits and Conditions

Understanding how and when you drive your car determines how long your oil will remain in good condition. Your driving habits also answer the age-old debate of oil change time versus mileage.

Hot climates and short commutes need more frequent oil changes than cars running highway miles in more temperate climates. Either way, if you reach the outer limit of the recommended time, your oil has reached the end of its life and needs to be changed.

3. Respect Your Vehicle’s Engine

If you want your oil to last its proper lifespan and fully protect your engine, it’s essential to treat it with care. Off-roading, sudden accelerations and stops, and long periods of idling may be part of your lifestyle. If so, your oil will break down much faster.

4. Consider a Secondary Bypass Filter

A filter that meets or exceeds standard filtration recommendations can go a long way toward keeping your oil free from contaminants that damage your engine. But for some vehicles, that’s not enough.

Adding a bypass filter can be a real game-changer for hard-working engines. The slow transfer rate through secondary, high microfiltration systems can remove substantially more residue. Keeping these impurities from recirculating in your engine provides added protection. It can increase the miles allotted before an oil change is required.

5. Know When and How to Use Additives

Adding chemicals or cleaners to your oil isn’t always necessary or advisable. Fresh motor oil has an optimal chemical formulation for your engine type. Additional products can disrupt the quality of the new oil.

If you want to use additives to extend oil change intervals, having your oil tested first is highly recommended. Testing can tell you precisely what additives will help you get the most out of your current oil.

6. Consider Installing an Aftermarket Oil Quality Sensor

If your car lacks an internal oil monitoring system, you might ask your mechanic about installing a sensor. A sensor can help alert you to changes in your oil’s condition and life expectancy in time to adjust your oil change schedule.

7. Don’t Ignore Your Other Fluids and Filters

Don’t forget to check your coolant levels and air filters. If air can't move freely, or if you don’t have enough coolant, it causes your engine to heat up faster and stay hotter longer. Engine oil breaks down more quickly in these conditions.

8. Stick to a Maintenance Schedule

Once you understand what your car’s engine needs, stick to it. Checking your engine oil and other fluids once a month can go a long way toward catching a problem early. Monitor your oil level and appearance. Get any warning or check engine lights looked into as quickly as possible.

Make oil changes a clockwork priority. Stay within the manufacturer's recommendations and take 10 minutes out of your day every six months to a year to get your oil changed. We make it easy and affordable at Take 5 Oil Change. You don’t need an appointment—or even need to get out of your car!

If you have any questions about extending your oil change interval, feel free to contact us. Take 5 Oil Change is here to help. If it’s time for your next oil change, drop by a Take 5 location near you. A visit to Take 5 means you’re only ten minutes away from car maintenance peace of mind.

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