How Washing Your Car Can Keep it Looking Young

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Although cars primarily exist for utility, we can’t help but want them to look brand-new forever. Until scientists discover the fountain of youth or invent a way to keep everything from aging, we’ll all just have to resort to more . . . realistic methods for maintaining a car’s appearance. Here are a few reasons why washing your car is the easiest and most effective way to keep it looking young.

Washing Your Car Can Keep it Looking Young

4 Benefits of Washing Your Car Regularly

1. Prevents Rust The number one tell-tale sign of an old car? Rust. As cars age, they become more susceptible to rust. The most common rust-causing culprits are road salt and sea air. Driving through a car wash frequently will prevent rust from forming by removing the grime that eats away at metal.

2. Protects Paintwork Every day, your car encounters a ton of debris and corrosive elements that will damage the surface of your car if not washed off. Rain, snow, road salt, bird droppings, UV rays, pollen, and bugs are all destructive to your car’s exterior. Some of these elements, namely bugs and bird droppings, are so acidic that they can eat through your car’s paint and damage the metal in only a matter of days. Wax treatments after every car wash create a layer of protection from these elements. This prevents permanent stains and dull paintwork and keeps your ride looking like you just drove it off the lot. If you’re wondering how often to wax your car, we recommend a wax treatment at least every three months.

3. Sparkle and Shine Surface dirt and grime definitely won’t make your car look brand new, but a mirror-like finish will. Next time you stop by our automatic car wash, select our High Five Wash or the Wash, Wheels, and Wax option for a high gloss finish that will guarantee your car appears younger than its true age.

4. Maintains Interior It’s not all about the exterior. If your car is going to look brand new on the outside, the cabin should look just as great. Regularly dusting and cleaning your dashboard, console, cup holders, door panels, and upholstery is crucial for keeping your car looking fresh. Vacuuming your floor mats and hard-to-reach areas is another easy way to maintain the longevity of your car. Don’t forget to deodorize as well! Adding an air freshener (especially one with a clean car smell) will make it hard for anyone to believe your car isn’t brand new. At Take 5 Car Wash, our Pro5 Detail Center has complimentary towels, interior cleaner, vacuums, and air fresheners after every wash to put the finishing touches on your car.

Keep Your Car Looking Young at Take 5 Car Wash

So, how often should you wash your car to keep it looking new? In general, it’s a good idea to wash your car at least every two weeks to maintain its youthful appearance. Depending on where you live and where you drive your car, you may need to wash more frequently. Stop by our automatic car wash near you, and we’ll help you keep your car looking brand new.

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