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2465 E 2nd Ave

Oneonta, Alabama 35121

(659) 204-4253
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Drive Through Your Take 5 Express Car Wash in Oneonta

Regular car washes keep your vehicle looking great, and at Take 5, we believe an express car wash should be convenient. Got a question about our services? We'd love to hear from you!

Take Advantage of a Oneonta Unlimited Car Wash Club!

A dirty car ages quickly, so don't leave yours unkempt for too long. Our drive-thru car wash gives your vehicle a thorough cleaning from top to bottom, inside and out. In addition to our spot-free rinse, we provide undercarriage car wash, tire shine, and free car vacuum services in Oneonta. Are you ready to make a long-term investment in your vehicle? With our car wash club, you can maintain your vehicle year-round so it looks as good as the day it left the dealership. Get as many high-quality washes as possible at the Take 5 location you sign up for. Choose the best option for your needs and budget from our unlimited car wash options. Not sure which tier to choose? Contact us today to find the best deal. Don't forget to take advantage of our free Pro5™ Detail Center Powered by Amor All Professional®!