Is Ceramic Coating At The Car Wash Worth It?

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A ceramic coating is the secret to getting your car that fresh-off-the-lot shine. Learn about the benefits of this option and decide if ceramic coating at the car wash is worth it.

Ceramic Coating

Your car makes your lifestyle possible, taking you to work or school, out to activities, and on all your errands. With your vehicle doing so much, it’s worth taking good care of it to ensure it always looks its best. But over time, the exterior may lose some of its luster and even show signs of damage.

A ceramic coating is the secret to getting your car that fresh-off-the-lot shine. Learn about the benefits of this option and decide if ceramic coating at the car wash is worth it.

What Is a Ceramic Coating at a Car Wash?

Ceramic coating is a liquid substance sprayed onto your car by high-pressure nozzles during a car wash. It is a chemical polymer usually made with silicon dioxide. This coating bonds with the paint on your vehicle, creating a thin but strong, shield-like layer all over its exterior.

It takes a few hours in the sun to cure, and your car’s surface remains protected for months. Since a car’s paint job often has tiny pores that are invisible to your eyes, dirt and debris can easily hide. The ceramic coating will also fill the holes, so nothing can penetrate the paint and cause more extensive damage.

What’s The Difference Between a Normal Wash And A Ceramic Coating?

A standard car wash uses high-pressure nozzles to spray your car with water and soap and may use automated mechanisms to scrub it. A trip through a ceramic car wash includes these steps, along with a ceramic spray coating that covers your vehicle in seconds.

6 Reasons to Get a Ceramic Coating

Since this additional feature in a car wash often comes with a higher price tag, you may wonder if a ceramic car coating is worth it. Consider six of the key benefits of a ceramic coating.

1. Easy to Clean

Bugs, bird droppings, dirt, mud, and other roadway contaminants constantly hit your vehicle when you drive. When a car has a ceramic coating, the surface becomes hydrophobic, so water will quickly slide off. Additionally, most debris will simply slide off when you go through the car wash.

2. UV Protection

The sun can seriously damage the surface of your car, causing the paint color to fade or look dull. Ceramic coating will slow down this process, helping your vehicle look better with less maintenance.

3. Fewer Scratches

A car’s ceramic coating won’t protect it from damage caused by being hit by another car door or a heavy branch. However, it can protect against minor scratches caused by things like gravel, leaves, or twigs hitting its exterior.

4. Paint Job Looks Better

A ceramic coating will make your car’s color look richer and shinier, especially if it is any color but white. This improved appearance can increase the car’s value and keep heads turning as you drive down the street.

5. Protection from Chemical Stains

Many chemicals, including those in the air and water, can react with car paint when they come into contact. A ceramic coating will protect your car, preventing chemicals from reacting with the paint below.

6. No Watermarks

Water can clean a car, but believe it or not, it can also cause damage. If water remains on the surface for an extended period of time, it may leave a watermark on the paint. The ceramic coating helps water run off quickly, making it less likely to build up and stain.

FAQ About Ceramic Coating at the Car Wash

Review answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about whether a ceramic coating at the car wash is worth it and how other factors impact its performance.

Does the Weather Affect The Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is exceptionally durable. While vehicle wax can melt off in extreme temperatures, a ceramic coating will stay bonded even on the hottest day of the year. Heavy rainstorms also won’t wash the coating off.

Is Ceramic Coating Safe for Your Tires?

Ceramic coating is designed to protect your car's hard exterior, but it can also protect the glass on the windshield, rearview mirrors, and windows. Additionally, the coating offers an added layer of protection for the wheels, headlights, and even bumper stickers, reducing the risk of damage caused by debris and exposure to the elements.

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It’s time for your car to get a wash, but now you know not just any wash will do. A car wash with ceramic coating is worth it, making your vehicle look better while providing enhanced protection against the elements.

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