5 Ways Commercial Car Washes Are Better for the Environment Than DIY Washes

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When your car starts looking dirty and needs a thorough wash, do you ever wonder what's the most eco-friendly way to do it? The truth is, many of us don't think about sustainability when we’re simply trying to clean our cars.

However, now that it’s on our minds, it's important to know how car washes affect the environment. We’ll help you figure out if automatic car washes are better for the environment—and what the best option is next time you notice dirt on your car.

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Are Automatic Car Washes Better for the Environment?

When you go to a commercial car wash, you see lots of high-pressure sprayers, vats of soap, and giant washing tools. These may require a lot of energy to run and might waste electricity and water.

However, would it surprise you to know that commercial washes are almost always more environmentally friendly than doing it yourself at home?

5 Reasons Commercial Car Washes Are Better for the Planet Than Home Washes

There are five primary reasons why it's best to use your local car wash instead of filling up a soapy bucket yourself, namely:

1. Lower Water Usage

Commercial washing operations make the most of their water supply, and take measures to reduce waste. . They use high-pressure spraying nozzles to remove particles quicker and with less water, usingfar less than most would at home with a low-pressure hose.

2. Healthier Water Drainage

Commercial car washing facilities are built with water runoff in mind and have better systems to drain used water. At a commercial car wash, federal law requires them to drain wastewater into local sewer systems. This water ends up at facilities where it’s treated and recycled safely for reuse. At home, there's no infrastructure to reuse, clean, or conserve water—so it’s better to use a car wash where you know the water won’t go to waste.

3. Better Chemical Regulation

All chemicals and substances used at commercial car washes are regulated by both the EPA and OSHA. The same goes for how much product is used, at what stage in the washing process they are utilized, and what they can and can’t be mixed with. In addition to not having their wastewater treated, home washes often use too much product or products that simply aren’t environmentally sound.

4. Improved Energy Efficiency

Automatic car wash owners prioritize efficiency, so they build car washing operations that are particularly energy efficient. All the machinery may look like it uses a lot of energy, but these commercial washes clean your car far more rapidly than at home, using as little energy as possible.

5. Reusable Products

Many commercial car washes like Take 5 Car Wash provide vacuums and towels for their customers. Customers use these towels to dry off any extra water; then, these towels are washed and dried in mass by the company to be reused with other customers.

2 Personal Benefits of Commercial Car Washes

We know protecting the environment is a priority, but there are other ways car washes benefit you personally:

1. Saves Time

Washing your car at home takes time! Especially if you are determined to remove every single bug from the headlights. Your car is cleaned in just a few minutes at a commercial car wash. A car wash membership will save you significant time on washing and let you spend that time elsewhere.

2. Less Effort

You often wash your car in uncomfortable temperatures as you try to scrape off stubborn bugs or grease. You don't have to do the physical labor at a car wash, so that you can save your energy for more enjoyable things.

4 Tips for an Eco-Friendly DIY Car Wash

We’ve explained that car washes are more eco-friendly, but if you do decide to wash your car at home, there are four ways you can make it as environmentally safe as possible.

  1. Use eco-friendly/biodegradable soaps.
  2. Only use a hose with a high-pressure trigger nozzle.
  3. Consider spot cleaning instead of washing the entire vehicle.
  4. Wash on top of gravel or grass so runoff doesn't enter the gutters.

Choose an Automatic Car Wash for a Clean Vehicle and Environment

We know you want your car clean—everyone does! Get your car washed in the most environmentally friendly way by opting for automatic car washes. Not only will you reduce water waste, but you’ll protect the surrounding environment from harmful water runoff.

Now, you just need to choose a car wash facility, so choose us at Take 5 Car Wash! Take a look at our washes and visit a Take 5 Car Wash location near you!

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