Why is Take 5 Car Wash doing this?

Pigeons can poop as often as every 15 minutes, and sometimes their poop lands on a car. And since we have car washes in over 250 locations, we thought we should help. Officially.

Did you really follow this pigeon around?

Yup. We really did. It was a weird day.

Where’s The Official Pigeon now?

He could be anywhere. He has wings. And also tiny little pink legs that look kind of gross.

Were any pigeons harmed in the making of this super weird promotion?

No. We worked closely with Movie Animals Protected (a national animal wellness organization), throughout filming.

Who is The Official Pigeon?

A real, random pigeon we followed around in Dallas. He doesn’t have a name. He’s just like, a bird, you know?

Where is the nearest Take 5 Car Wash?

Check out this super cool car wash finder Cody on the dev team made! Good job, Cody!